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Alaska Pollack

Theragra chalcogramma

The adult Alaska Pollacks usually live near to the sea floor, but sometimes it also appear near the surface. They mainly feed on krill but they also eat fishes and crustaceans. The Alaska pollack is traded as fillets, loins, chunks or as main ingredient for surimi. The Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska, pollock fisheries of this species have been certified by the MSC as well-managed and sustainable.

Main presence

  • FAO 61 | Pacific, Northwest
  • FAO 67 | Pacific, Northeast

Common names

  • Deutsch: Pazifischer Pollack
  • Français: Lieu de l'Alaska
  • Nederlands: Alaska Koolvis
  • Español: Abadejo de Alaska
  • Italiano: Merluzzo dell'Alasca

Size & Specifications

H&G: 1-2 2-3 kg
Fillets:  60-80  80-120  120-160 gr
Chunks: 12-20 15-25 20-30 gr
Loins: 80-100 110-130 130-160 gr
Process: PBI PBO skin-on skin-less  
Form: IQF Block  
Glaze: 0% 10% 20%  
Packing (bulk): 5 10 15 kg
Packing (retail): 250 400 1.000 gr

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