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Baltic Herring

Clupea harengus membras

Baltic Herring is one of the key species of the Baltic ecosystem. It is an important prey of many predatory fish, such as the Baltic cod and salmon, and it has a strong impact on the pelagic ecosystem as a predator of zooplankton and nektobenthos. Due to its wide salinity tolerance range, Baltic herring is able to live and reproduce in almost every part of the Baltic Sea despite of the varying environment.

Main presence

  • FAO 27 | Atlantic, Northeast

Common names

  • Deutsch: Strömling
  • Français: Hareng de la Baltique
  • Nederlands: Baltische Haring
  • Español: Arenque Balticos
  • Italiano: Arenga Baltici

Size & Specifications

W/R H/G Fillets
cm cm grams  
10-12 8-10 30-40  
12-15 10-12 40-50  
15-17 12-15 50-60  
17-up 15-up 60-up  
Process: Block IQF
Form: skin-on Butterfly
Fat content: 6-14% 7-9% 4-7%
Oct-Dec Dec-Mar Mar-Jul
Glaze: 0% 10% 20%
Packing - bulk: 5 10 15 22 kg
Packing - retail: 400 1.000 gr

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