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Trisopterus luscus

Pout are very common in the waters around the English Channel and southern North Sea with the small fish being found in shallow water with a sandy bottom. Larger fish tend to shoal near or over rocks and wrecks. They can be found anywhere from the shoreline to depths of 300 metres and spawns in March to April. Although unkown with the public, it is a good replacement for cod. Nowadays an upcoming fish used in fish&chips dishes.

Main presence

  • FAO 27 | Atlantic, Northeast

Common names

  • Deutsch: Franzosendorsch
  • Français: Tacaud commun
  • Nederlands: Steenbolk
  • Español: Faneca
  • Italiano: Merluzzetto bruno

Size & Specifications

W/R H/G Fillet
cm cm grams    
20-25 15-20 80-120    
25-30 20-25 100-200    
30-up 25-up 200-400    
Process: IQF
Form: butterfly skin-less skin-on
Glaze: 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Packing - bulk: 5 10 kg
Packing - retail: 250 400 1.000 gr

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