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Tub Gurnard

Trigla lucerna

The tub gurnard is the largest gurnard species found in the North Sea: it can grow up to 75 centimeters long. It is a benthic fish which eats primarily crabs, shrimp and small lobsters; it will also eat worms and molluscs. Adults eat flatfish. Tub gurnard overwinter in warm seawater: from the coast of Morocco to the English Channel. In the spring, this fish migrates to more northerly waters as far as the pole circle, and including the North Sea. Tub gurnard are often caught by the fisheries while fishing for flatfish, and receive a good price at the market.

Main presence

  • FAO 27 | Atlantic, Northeast

Common names

  • Deutsch: Roter Knurrhahn
  • Français: Grondin perlon
  • Nederlands: Rode Poon
  • Español: Perlón
  • Italiano: Capone o gallinella

Size & Specifications

W/R H/G Fillet
cm cm grams    
till 27 till 20 40-80    
till 35 till 28 80-120    
35-41 28-34 120-up    
41-up 34-up    
Process: IQF
Form: skin-less skin-on
Glaze: 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Packing - bulk: 5 10 kg
Packing - retail: 250 400 1.000 gr

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